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Gundog Training


Many gundog breeds can and do make great pets. Labradors, spaniels and other gundog breeds have been selectively bred for generations to hunt and retrieve in partnership with man.   To get the most from your pet gundog, it is important to take their hunting instincts into account.

Gundog style training harnesses the instincts and drives of your pet gundog.  It stimulates their brain, keeps them fit, and gives you control over your dog.

Gundogs are highly intelligent dogs with a huge capacity for fun and exercise. Following a structured system of gundog style training with your pet gundog will keep them out of mischief, and help you develop a great bond with eachother.

Classes are run outdoors (in all weathers!) and will cover teaching skills including: recall, retrieving, hunting, stay, heelwork & whistle cues.

Dogs will be taught using clicker training - if you've not done this before don't panic! You will be given a clicker and taught how to use it in the first lesson.

All breeds are welcome! Dogs must be able to work in a group environment - they can be given space as required but must be comfortable working and learning in the presence of other dogs and people.