Wiltshire Dog Walking & Behaviour

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Walk And Train Programme

I offer a specialist ‘walk and train’ rehabilitation and training programme in Calne & Chippenham. This is suited to dogs who need individual attention whilst you are at work, or who need ongoing rehabilitation and training. There is a minimum of 1 training walk required a week but most opt for 2-5. These are offered in combination with ‘transfer’ coaching walks and follow up one-to-one training sessions.

This service is primarily for reactive or nervous dogs, rescue or ‘street dogs’, but can also help to train obedience tasks such as loose lead walking, recall, polite greetings and impulse control.

Depending on the issues you would like to work on with your dog, one of the following ‘walk and train’ services will be recommended:

1. One-to-one training or rehabilitation walks

Suited to dogs who are anxious/have mild reactivity around other dogs or those who need specific 'obedience' training

These walks can include:

  • Reactive dog training
  • Impulse control
  • Reinforcement of calm behaviours
  • Socialisation skills and appropriate greetings
  • Loose lead walking
  • Recall
  • Relaxation techniques

30/40 minutes = £20/£25

2. One-to-one training or rehabilitation walks with controlled set ups

Suited to dogs who are environmentally reactive, need strict management and control (to prevent going over their threshold), are fearful of other dogs or humans or have a known bite history.

Certain dogs do not cope well with training situations they come across in every day life. Therefore it’s important that the triggers are controlled and managed so the dog’s mental well being is not negatively impacted. Controlled set ups mean that we can take them to an area in which we can control the triggers, often involving a stooge dog and two handlers. In cases of extreme fear or reactivity, training and rehabilitation starts in the house or garden. In most cases these types of dogs will require ongoing training, but with time and perseverance I have seen measurable improvements in all the dogs I have worked with. Due to the sensitive nature of these dogs, I recommend shorter walk times with a combination of coaching walks so you can continue the good work.

These walks can include:

  • Controlled set ups
  • Strict management and control (to stop your dog going over its threshold)
  • Ongoing Support
  • An accredited behaviourist with confident handling skills

Prices start from £25 for 30 minutes and walks are priced accordingly to each individual dog’s needs.

Additional Information

Training and rehabilitation walks are available weekdays only and payment is due in advance on a monthly basis.

Prices are dependent on nature of the issue being addressed - behaviour or training.

A minimum of 1 training walk a week will be required for a minimum of 1 month, and you will be required to book a coaching/transfer session on an ad-hoc 1-2 month basis.

NB. Your ‘walk and train’ programme may be subject to an initial consultation and training/behaviour modification plan. This will identify a baseline for training or behavioural modification and we can discuss the process, and your dog’s suitability for the programme.

Please email [email protected] for more information and to book in your initial consultation.